Who: Søren Pind, Danish politician
What: Portrait series for the magazine EKSTRA
Where: The Danish island Bornholm at Søren’s parents house.

My photos are centered around several themes connected to Sørens life as a politician and a privat person.

The first one is the fact that he has had a glass eye since he was a child and that he felt that the one half of his face died when the doctors removed his eye. This is what I’m trying to explore in the first black and white portrait in the series. It is the “dead” half of his face that is exposed correctly and the rest is overexposed. My intention with this photo is to show the part of his face, that is dead to him. Basically the light becomes the representation of the life around the dead part of the face. 
It is a simple portrait but I have thought of a lot of levels that it can be interpreted on so I hope that the readers will think that it is a new way of seeing this man.

The other photos revolve around his reputation as a man that speaks his mind often resulting in isolation from a lot of his political colleagues (At least in the past). They revolve around the fact that Søren wish to be buried on the island and the photos also depict his relation with the landscape on the island of Bornholm. A landscape that is not found anywhere else in Denmark.