This is the story about the boy Karl and his farther. I met them in 2009 during my internship at the newspaper Ekstra Bladet. Karl lived with his handicapped one legged father on an abandoned cement factory and at the time where I came in to there lives, Karl hadn't been to school in several months. 

The problem was, that Karl had come home from school one day, to find his farther had tipped over in his wheelchair and landed in a puddle of water. Karl rushed to call an ambulance and the father was helped out of the water and back in his wheelchair.  The paramedics told Karl, that if he hadn't come home when he did, his father would have risked dying of hypothermia.

After that shock, Karl refused to go to school in fear of one day coming home to find his father dead.

When the city threatened to remove Karl from his home, the little family decided to flee to an old house they owned.

I followed Karl and his farther while they were on the run, and when they returned home to resolve the situation. 

When I left the family Karl was living with his farther and had started in school again but I later learned that the city officials had placed Karl in foster care around one year later.

This selection of photos is the edit that I entered in the Danish POY in 2009/10. I won the award for best portrait with the 5th photo. The one of Karl looking straight in to the camera.